The Cooper Union 1978-1983

The Cooper Union Computer Center has a separate page.

The cover from the 1982-1983 Cooper Union course catalog.
It's currently the login logo for the MicroLab/EE department.
Happily, this is still the same
The 1975 Foundation Building renovation was quite dramatic and well remembered
The Cooper Cable (yearbook) photo of me with one of the 2 IBM 1130s,
and Bruce Wilner.
My commencement was also Cooper’s 125th Anniversary: 1984
Dean Tan’s commencement script
was on the envelope to my Cooper Union degree.
Bill Lacy’s inspirational letter in the “Cable” yearbook
equating our commencement with Peter’s funeral 100 years ago?
an election slate endorsed by the Local non-rabbits No. 6!
Before 1983: 130 credits for Cooper Union’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering
“This program is designed for students whose career plans and interest call for a more
flexible and interdisciplinary approach than is possible under the B.E. program …
and may work in such interdisciplinary areas as systems and computer engineering”
Starting Sept 1983: 135 credits
This explains the difference between the Bachelor of Engineering program
and the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

Practice sheets from COM363
Don Kunz's calligraphy class
Humanist minuscule and uncial.

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