My collection of old CUCC items:
the Cooper Union Computer Center

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The IBM 1130
The Cooper Cable (yearbook) photo of me
with one of the 2 IBM 1130s donated around 1980.
In 1983, the Cooper Union Computer Center expanded
from just the PDP11/45 running Unix version 6
by adding a VAX 11/780 running VAX/VMS
The oldest CUCC manual I could find, circa 1972
The Cooper Union Computer Center User's Manual
Line printer on wide greenbar!
Table of contents, featuring IBM 1130 BOS and GOD abends.
Bob Hopkins welcomes you!
We had an IBM 1130 and keypunches!
How to talk to GOD, the new linkage editor of BOS: Bernie's Operating System.
Bernard S. Greenberg is famous for developing other operating systems see below.
More magic incantations for invoking GOD explicitly.
A GOD JCL primer
A list of EE subroutine packages, and acknowledgements to
Leonard Kaplan (4DEE) 1972,
Alan Korncoff (4DCE) and Kelvin Lee (3DPH) 1973.
The manual when I was a student in 1978
BASIC for architects: the CUCC User's Manual
by Robert Hopkins.
ASR-33 teletype tricks everyone used to learn.
More teletype facts.
STEAM will save the world!
-- Ninja High School's Professor Johann Steamhead (Steamhein)
These working models of steam engines form the glass wall of the multimedia center.
On The Motive Power Of Fire:
Fire And The Imagination, Art and Science, The Epic of the Early Steam Engine
The Cooper Union for the Advancement Of Science and Art
Exhibition of 19th-Century Mechanical Marvels
An exhibition featuring models of steam engines - mechanical marvels
from the collection of the late Leo G. Schroeder, an engineering graduate of Cooper Union.
The center one looks kinda like the engine Peter Cooper used for the Tom Thumb.
Trying for a wider angle. Sorry, I didn't have a polarizing filter with me.
The locomotive is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Bernard S. Greenberg went on to develop other operating systems
as Chief Technology Innovator, Basis Technology Corp.
This source code for multics/fnp direct interface adapter -- dia_man was modified 4th of july, 1979 by bernard greenberg for fnp echo negotiation.

He worked on Multics
listed here for his participation
and tells one of the Multics stories
of how Multics sites worldwide celebrated Bernie Greenberg's 45th birthday in an unusual way