Fresh Meadows History

Many of us living in Fresh Meadows attended the local schools,
so it's natural that any web pages or blog will discuss both.
I've tried to separate out my school pages but there's too much overlap to totally separate it all.
Many of us attended Lewis Carroll School PS 179
(or PS 26 Rufus King School)
and then George J. Ryan Junior High School 216
and then Francis Lewis High School
(or Jamaica High School)
1950s penny postcards! 11,000 residents, owned & operated by NY Life.
View along 188 St. Dig those streetlamps and vintage cars! The 20 story building does not yet exist!
"the other side of 188 St" is the only place I know with 4 story buildings.

Vintage photos from the 13 story building

The rental office is in the 13 story building
(was in the shopping plaza near Bloomingdale's),
so the hall is full of these lovely vintage photos!
I'm sorry for my reflection in the glass.
188 acres (the Oak Grove is 6 acres)
3,008 apartments in 137: 2-4 story buildings
600 apartments in the 2: 13 story buildings
I am unsure the 20 story building is included in these numbers.

Wonderful aerial views, BEFORE the LIE or 20 story building.
The Power Plant's tall smokestack is clearly in the center of it all.
That corner is now the Citibank, looking along 188 St.
This traffic oval remains un-named,
despite the other one being Edgar G. Holmes Jr. circle
and 188 St being Saul Weprin St
Dig that wood street sign, and ham radio antenna on the roof.
Duplexes, before all the hedges grew in.
The 20 story building is already completed.
The bay windows were a feature!

Edgar Gilbert Holmes, Jr.

We all know the Edgar G. Holmes Jr. oval on 188 St, mostly from waiting for the Q17 and Q88 busses there.
We remember the rock memorial and the Christmas tree, but who was he?

Citing The Holmes - Breeden Family Tree
21. EDGAR G.10 HOLMES was born 1909 in Brooklyn, NY.  He married FLORENCE CELESTE HEATH.

EDGAR G.11 HOLMES, JR, b. 1932; d. July 09, 1950.

Edgar G. Holmes Jr. was killed in action in the Korean War at the age of 18.
He was actually the first New Yorker (in NY state) killed in the war on July 9th, 1950,
and has an oval/rotary dedicated in his honor in Fresh Meadows (Queens) New York.

Entry: 10320
507th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Bn - Mobile 	
Looking for info on Edgar G. Holmes Jr. (Gilbert)
John B. Holmes wrote on 2000-07-13 01:24:06.0

Comments: I came across your posting and I believe that my father's brother
was in the 507 AAA battalion as well.
Edgar was the first New Yorker to be killed in Korea, July 9th, 1950,
and there is an oval / circle in his honor in Fresh Meadows, Queens.
See the following link:

Our family is looking for any information on Edgar's (Gilbert's) death
and any comrades that may have known him while in Korea.
Thank you, John B. Holmes 917-679-7609

What I saw in 2010

The farm is still operational, although in new ways.

Preschool Of America now occupies the building that was the 107th police pct on 73rd Ave near 188.

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