More MARCH inventory

Photo: Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corp Engineering Group - 1949
Univac tube module & manual
  • IEEE Control Systems magazine with The History of Analog Computing by VCF east 2012 speaker Kent Lundberg
  • DIGI-COMP1, a mechanical digital computer toy
  • Hasbro's Think-A-Tron
The TI calculator module to replace the Jeppeson
but the Jeppeson's more reliable: never needs batteries, works single handed

Teletype tape drive from Claude Kagan
The panel of 5 legends fell off the top left indicator

A very unique "pagewriter" printer from Claude Kagan:
ONE print wheel that moves across the line
(barely a line printer, let alone a page printer!)

microVax 3500, donated by David Chang (via Jeff Jonas)
closeups of nameplates and card labels

Ed LaPlant's TV Typewriter
in an ingenious custom cardboard case!
Rack-o-IBM PCs, PS/2, servers and such.

IBM Personal System/2 model P70 386
(on top of a bunch of Compaq luggables)

IBM PS/2 model L40 SX

AN/UGC-144 military communications terminal
donated by David H. Ahl
AN/UGC-144 Communications Terminal
The Communications Terminal (CT) is a digital communications terminal with an automated message composing and storage capability to simplify message handling. It is designed for transportability and provides access to the Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN).
The Single Subscriber Terminal (SST) is designed to operate with TRI-TAC switching equipment at data rates of 75 to 2400 KBS. With the appropriate data modem, it is capable of operating directly into AUTODIN Modes I, II, and VI.

a militarized HP terminal
with 2 tape drives under the cover
missing the CRT top and the comma keycap