vintage IBM publications & brochures & stuff

I used the IBM System 1130 in college and got to learn it inside and out.
See also: my IBM 1130 web page for manuals, publications and user group newsletters.

Linus (not Linux) dances to the IBM OS internals

Not from the IBM 1130 but later tech: upside-down chips inside the ceramic tins

My dad collected computer stuff from the 50s and 60s
such as this punched card sized sales card for the IBM 305 RAMAC

Spin the disk for 5 sectors of information!
The Computer History Archives Project has a video of one in action: IBM 305 RAMAC and 650 RAMAC, 1956 (350 Disk Storage)

"IBM Light on the Future": a lovely old brochure, perhaps from 1954?
"One of the newest kinds of input and output media is magnetic tape"
"Another new development is the magnetic drum", and electrostatic storage

IBM System/360 DASD: 2311 diskpack, 2302 RAMAC-style permanent hard drives, 2321 Data Cell Drive

Once uniquitious on every programmer's desk, the flowchart template is now totally forgotten.

Hagar the Horrible was originally used to advertise the IBM RISC System/6000

IBM data processor magazine
Vol XV, No 4, September 1972
special issue: Virtual Storage - key to enhanced application development