The IBM 029 keypunch

This web page from Columbia chronicles a lot about the IBM 029 keypunch with great photos:

A standard 80 column card with all 64 standard characters.
Some are IBM only such as the PL/I NOT symbol “¬”
A drum card programmed the 029 keypunch for forms
with field/tab stops, auto-shift, auto-skip, auto-duplicate
The 029 keypunch keyboard layout required shifting for numbers
(NO separate numeric keypad)
Notice how there's NO "ENTER" or "RETURN" key.
That's because card motion was controlled by "release" "feed" "register"
In 1971, the IBM 129 was their last and greatest keypunch.

Decision Data was a competitor and made amazing multi-function keypunches that were far superior in many ways.
I can't find any photos or data about them.
NYC's Local 6 had a pair (and 1-2 IBM 029s) for in-house data processing with their IBM system 3. They were wonderful to use!