new stuff: April 2010


OCR for the old hand-scanners

Low-tech PacMan style arcade game.

new stuff: March 2010

ultraviolet EPROM erasers
They use germicidal fluorescent lamps that emit sufficient UVC to be hazardous to your eyes.
The left one's a ProLog unit with timer and safety interlock.
The right one's the typical homebrew using the perfectly sized 8-track cassette box!

General Instrument remote for cable box

FlashPath: SmartMedia via floppy drive
SmartMedia was a postage stamp sized flash memory card that topped out at 128 MB, so it's a dead end.
This adapter accessed the SmartMedia card via the floppy drive (similar to adapters for external devices such as MP3 or CD player via a car's build in audio cassette player).

The MX-4496/GRA-71 tape encoder
The handle flips up for easier pulling
Looking inside
No battery! The coil generated the pulses for the magnetic head per bit-click.
The red letters implements a Vigenere's square.
Learn about zipsqueal here, follow "next" links for other variations!