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Building and Programming Australia's First Hobby Computer, the EDUC-8
Steven S. Pietrobon
Small World Communications
6 First Avenue, Payneham South SA 5070, Australia
Presented at the Institute for Telecommunications Research
University of South Australia
Mawson Lakes, South Australia
25 February 2009

The Educational Digital Micro Computer (EDUC-8, pronounced "educate")
is Australia's first hobby computer.
It was designed by Jamieson Rowe of Electronics Australia
and presented as a series of articles from August 1974 to August 1975.
- discrete TTL implementation
- initially 32 bytes of memory, increased to 256 bytes by October 1974.
- not the world's first hobby computer:
Electronics Australia was beaten by the US magazine Radio Electronics
with its MARK-8 computer using the Intel 8008 microprocessor, published in July 1974.

40 pages, color photos

The Primer Trainer
self instruction manual
manual revision 3.0
for board revision 3
(c) 2005 Emac Inc

8085A based trainer
plenty of examples, explains the ROM monitor
no schematic

94 pages

Author: Elischer, V.
Publication Date: 06-14-2010
Publication Info: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Local Identifier: LBNL Paper LBL-9146
Preferred Citation: SIGGRAPH 1979 Sixth Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, Chicago, IL, August 6-10, 1979

10 pages
Features a custom touch panel, knobs & buttons to augment the CRT interface.