The MARCH collection of microprocessor evaluation kits

MARCH has a wonderful collection of computer trainers,
microprocessor evaluation kits, development kits,
single board computers, hobbyist kits and homebrews from the 70s and 80s.

An evaluation kit from the chip maker is typically the first product to feature
new microprocessors & microcontrollers for engineers & hobbyists to try them out
(similar to today's badge, gumstick and single-board form-factor prototype systems).

The MARCH collection represents the diversity of CPU manufacturers and architectures that were vying for the market before the IBM PC dominated the scene, forcing everyone into being IBM-compatible (now merely x86 compatible). Well, except for Apple. And mainframes. And embedded systems …

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Morrow Micro-STUFF: The Keyed-Up 8080
S100 octal front panel
National Semiconductor 8080A
AMD 2900 evaluation and learning kit AMD 2900 bit slice processor
The Bell Laboratories MAC Tutor Western Electric BELLMAC-8

Photo Gallery

An early 2012 snapshot of the eval kits
On the table: an ASR-33 Teletype
and a Don Lancaster TV Typewriter
Video Interface Processor Kit CDP 185022
The RCA COSMAC microtutor RCA CDP 1801 CRD
("Microprocessor Register")
and CDP 1801 CUD
("Microprocessor Control")
The MOS KIM-1 (wikipedia) MOS 6502
The Synertek Systems Corp SYM model 1
Synertek 6502
An unassembled Motorola MEK6800D2 Evaluation Kit II
the MIKBUG monitor listing
Motorola 6800
Heathkit ET-3400 microprocessor trainer
YouTube video of one running
Motorola 6800