Jeffrey Jonas
offers free parts to assist MARCH restore things

contact: jeffj/at/

Freebies for anyone and everyone!

  1. SUPER STRONG MAGNETS that I’ve salvaged from hard drives
  2. Project Cases: some new, most are modem or external drive cases (often with internal 5, 12v power supples). metal and/or plastic.
  3. DB37 metal hoods (somehow I got a huge bag of them)
  4. NICs (network interface cards): 16 bit ISA, PCI bus

Stuff to trade/swap

These items are still “good enough” that I’d prefer to swap/trade them for something of equal value.
  1. 10/100-base-T SoHo switches, routers (some with WiFi)
  2. Zenith Data Systems ZTX-11 data terminal (all electronics are in the keyboard: RS232 I/O, composite video out, complete manuals too)
  3. CD caddies (for drives without trays)

My wish list (things I need or desire)

  1. electronics & computer parts
    1. PIC-18 chips or development parts (JTAG programmer, interface stuff)
    2. I2C peripherals/chips
    3. HP hexadecimal LED modules part number 5082-7340
    4. 18: RJ69 10 conductor modular cables (for 3: 6 port Boca Research IOAT66 serial cards). They look like RJ45 (modular network connectors) but are 10 wires, not 8. I just need the cable with the RJ69 on one end, I’ll handle the DB9/DB25.
    5. Nixie/neon displays, particularly DC/DC power supplies for them
    6. illuminated switches, particularly military surplus
    7. Electroluminescent night lights, panels, rope, inverters, etc.
    8. panel meters
    9. laptop drives (even if low capacity) for my i-openers. Thin ones preferred.
    10. memory cards: Compact Flash, SD (Secure Digital), SmartMedia
    11. K thermocouple (for Weston model 2451 non-BCD digital thermometer)
  2. hand tools such as punch and dies for computer connectors, round or square holes
  3. Exponent brand 5.25” floppy disk drawers and organizers (CDs, DVDs fit them fine!)
  4. LP/laserdisk racks/holders
  5. laserdisk movies
  6. music (comedy, harpsichord, baroque, chamber music, nocturnes)
  7. real light-up NEON pins, particularly the orange/red arrow (no longer sold by StarMagic)
  8. a Lela Dowling Weasel Patrol embroidered patch
  9. stationery supplies
    1. book straps (elastic or velcro preferred: I need them to keep boxes from spilling)
    2. Lion brand "File ’n View" SIDE LOADING presentation folios (plastic page protectors)
    3. cord clips (any size or color)
    4. 1 116 inch width label dispenser (I have huge rolls of those labels)

Active Projects, Hobbies and Collections

I always appreciate swapping/trading things relating to my active projects, hobbies and collections
  1. Electronics Projects
    1. embedded microcontrollers (PIC-18, eZ80, ARM)
    2. RFID, SmartCards, Zigbee wireless
    3. Linux-modded i-opener, JuiceBox, Linksys router
    4. Nixie tube displays and neon indicators
    5. magic eye tubes
    6. Visor Handspring PDA modules
  2. Hobbies
    1. rubber stampers, mostly animals: mustelidae (ferret, otter, mink, ermine, weasel, martin), large felines (puma/cougar, lion, tiger)
  3. Collections
    1. cloissone pins: Olympic mascots, animals, some Disney pins
    2. belt buckles (particularly the Bergamot Alice in Wonderland series)
    3. core memory
    4. embroidered patches (particularly animals, rainbows and bright colors)

Pick them up here in Elizabeth NJ, or I can deliver them to MARCH at Infoage
Yes, I know about Craig’s List and FreeCycle but I’d prefer to just trade with friends first.
I’m frustrated that I didn’t handle this while I lived in a house with a large porch and plenty of parking.
contact: jeffj/at/

updated: 25-Feb-2010