The Nicolet/Paratronics Z80 NICE emulator
manual, brochure, tech info
and Bob Grieb’s Z80 ICE

The Nicolet/Paratronics Z80 NICE

The brochure:

Dig that Lear Siegler ADM3A terminal in the background!

Here's the manual (in pdf format)
Many thanks to Herb Johnson for scanning the manual. He has one for sale

I met Bob Grieb via the NJ computer museum located at the Infoage science center (formerly Camp Evans)
where we rejuvinated several Z80 projects, such as exploring the Z80 emulator.
Bob reverse engineered the Nicolet Z80 NICE emulator, discovering several undocumented things such as
in the presentation case
the bare PCB showing the 6 chips
the PCB bottom showing the machine pin connectors


Bob Grieb’s Tauntek Z80 ICE

Bob Grieb designed a compatible Z80 In Circuit Emulator with improved performance and additional features.
New commands: DOCUMENTATION: