Jeff Jonas' links for Philcon 2017:
The State of the Maker Movement


single-tasking embedded Linux Not as popular: ABANDONED / End-Of-Life
  • communities/support by platform (Raspberry Pi, SparkFun, ...)

    SEE ALSO: my 2016 roundup of top microcontrollers and IoT

    EVENTS: where to start

    Check for local hacker spaces, particularly open days or special events

    With hack-a-thons and contests giving away hardware,
    it's easy to get flooded with interesting projects.

    MEETUP lists maker spaces, professional societies & groups

    MAGAZINES, trade journals, blogs

    Derek Lowe's Things I Won’t Work With for extreme safety lessons in Chemistry

    Online Learning

    it lets you get academic discounts!


    Where to buy and learn more

    The Original Heathkit is long gone, but many clever folks have filled the need: contact info