George J. Ryan Junior High School 216

is now:
George J Ryan Middle School MS 216 Q
64-20 175th Street
Flushing NY 11365-2136
(718) 358-2005

The surviving Facebook group is The Wonder Years at Ryan J.H.S. 216

Google satellite view
It's the big "H" shaped building. I don't remember a track, just a paved playground.
It was patrolled by the 3 shop teachers: Sardenia (electric shop), Wolfson and Rochester (wood shop).

Orion was the Ryan Jr. High school yearbook;
Galaxy the Francis Lewis High School yearbook.
Both space themes, which is apropos for schools of the 60s.

Many of us attended both schools (since they were essentially Across the street from each other)
and even attended the same elementary school: so we were together from kindergarden to 12th grade.

(Click on thumbnail photo for larger view)
My more interesting autographs
my yearbook: Orion 1975
Seymour Sternberg was principal
Barbara Zolot's story "The Bus Ride"
Many of the Orion staff were on the Galaxy staff:
Amalia Ivry, Sharon Tohn, Lisa Goldberg, Barbara Zolot, Leslie Fuchs
The Orion staff
front: Donna Kaspshak, Mr. Richard Koomruian (art teacher), Debbie Gelbord
left to right (top): Danny Schwartz, Keith Sears, Richie Beilenson, Ethan Lazar, Steve Agostini
Mr. Prato (science) in the door
Page 54:
Janet Hiller, Amalia Ivry, Jeffrey Jonas,
Robert Kasman, Donna Kaspshak, Acar Key
Ryan General Organization buttons
Hand punched cards from the Compucorp 025 Educator:
the programmable calculators in Assistant Principal Mr. Bernard Rubin's office.
Steven Popper got me started with computers and I never stopped!
unsure what grade

Richard Kohl's poem Line Of Command
is short enough for me to type in:
I suppose, if I were a rose
They'd compose some sort of prose
About the color and the style
Of my clothes.

But I am just a blade of grass
Common as the grape upon the vine
And I've not the nerve to ask
The rose for equal time.

The Ryan Review Oct 1972
district 26 community school board news
Dig 'dem old ads for MOD clothing!