I clipped these Honeywell ads from my dad's Datamation magazine
to supplement this album of 101 old computer ads

The previous month was RAMAC, this one's the notorious IBM data cell!
Unsure what publication this is from.
September 1973 Datamation. I was 13 back then, and very scared that these would be the computers Russia would use to attack the USA or design more nukes.
IBM ad from February 1974 Datamation. The top shows a light pen terminal using IBM's Alpha Search Inquiry System. The bottom shows the IBM 3660 Supermarket System "the code used is the grocery industry's newly adopted Universal Product Code, which is expected to appear on nearly all prepackaged foods by the end of 1975". An IBM 370 is the back-end.
July 1975 Datamation interviews Seymour Cray as his FIRST Cray-1 "will be ready for delivery at the end of the year"
Also the IBM-Telex case concerning mainframe peripheral compatibility.
"Will the Inventor of the First Digital Computer Please Stand Up?"
Wow, up to 24 stations and RJE too!
Cute IBM ad about the leaps in technology from the IBM 701 to the 370
Top article "using teleprinters linked to the central computer by telephone lines, authorized school districts can get needed information in a matter of hours". Wow, HOURS, not seconds as we're now accustomed to with the Internet.
Bottom article: IBM's East Fishkill uses a System/7 and IBM 1130 for the environmental control of an early "smart building".
IBM takes credit for more computer history.

retro stuff

The LSI ADM3A terminal is so old it's now retro!
An Intel napkin!
Datacomp computer via teletype. Here's a better scan from dvq.com.
Apple IIc ad:
Why every kid should have an Apple after school
June 1984: Computerland of Fresh Meadows held a seminar at the library
d|i|g|i|t|a|l surfboarder, not to be confused with the Arris/Motorola Surfboard cable modem
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