IEE 3785R dual 14 segment LED pinout

I traced out my IEE 3785R dual 14 segment red LED module.
There are 4 common cathodes, dividing the character diagonally
so it's electrically 4: 7 segment displays instead of 2: 14 segment displays (not counting decimal point).
|F \H |I /J |B
__G1__ __G2__
|E /M |L \K |C
______D______   .dp (decimal point)

IEE 3785 pinout

common cathode: pin 1 pin 3 pin 4 pin 6 pin 9 pin 12 pin 14 pin 17 pin 18
pin 5
left char
G2 K C dp - D B L J
pin 15
left char
G1 M E - - A F I H
pin 10
right char
G2 K C - dp D B L J
pin 8
right char
G1 M E - - A F I H
The segments are named as per this data sheet for teeny 16 segment LED modules
I guess I can connect pin 6 to 9 to use an 8x8 controller to get both decimal points. discussed this display module:
graphical pinout by HarveyH42

It's also Kingbright part number PDA54-12GWA

blueroomelectronics notes "Treat them like a 4 digit common cathode display"
so an 8x8 matrix driver chip (such as the Maxim 7219) will drive 4 characters with decimal points.

aries1470 added these specs:
Industrial Electronic Engineers :: Segmented Alphanumeric LED Display - (8.8.)
Specsheet / Datasheet
Package Style (Basic)=2-Edge
Number of Characters=2
Connection Type=Comm Cath.
Character Height (mm)=14
Peak Wavelength (m)=655n
Iv Min.(cd) Luminous Intensity=250u
@I(F) (A) (Test Condition)=20m
V(F) Max.(V) Forward Voltage=2.0
@I(F) (A) (Test Condition)=20m
I(F) Max. (A) Forward Current=25m

justDIY notes that IEE [the display company] was purchased by Fairchild,
who dumped their opto division and removed all data sheets from their website.

Here's a video by a clever fellow
16-segment font an HDSP-6508 LED display
Uploaded by 74hc595 on Sep 23, 2009
Here's a full ASCII font (upper and lowercase) that I designed for old HDSP-6508 sixteen-segment "starburst" displays.
More info at