Nixie and self-scan documentation & publications

Josh_Bensadon traced out his self-scan display to debug it.
Burroughs bulletin 1061K (supercedes bulletin 1061J)
Burroughs specifying guide
includes self-scan display modules, Panaplex,
numeric and alpha-numeric Nixie tubes,
Nixie driver modules.

17 pages
Last page shows the inner constuction of a self-scan panel display.

Burroughs brochure 616
Nixie indicator tubes
characteristics and circuit design data.

28 pages
Describes EVERYTHING from tiny to jumbo Nixies, x-beam and other drivers.

Burroughs bulletin no. 3008C January 1978
SSD1000-0030 SSD1000-0039 Self-Scan panel display

4 pages

Burroughs Application Notes: Self-Scan panel displays
timing requirements

4 pages
March 1976

Burroughs bulletin no. S101C March 1976
Application Notes: single-register self-scan panel display
theory of operation

7 pages

Burroughs bulletin no. BG101C July 1976
Application notes: bar graph display for instruments.

4 pages
Explains the Burroughs Self-Scan bar graph displays:
dual linear and single circular units,
using the glow-transfer principle
(similar to a deckatron but using a flat planar Panaplex style display)

several Burroughs Nixie bulletins
13 pages

Burroughs bulletin no. 1132C June 15, 1968
B-5750 B-5750S side view Nixie tube
0.51" digit height

Burroughs bulletin no. 1144 August 15, 1968
B-5855 B-5855S side view Nixie tube
0.51" digit height

Burroughs bulletin no. 1153 October 1, 1968
B-5856 B-5856S side view + - Nixie tube

Burroughs bulletin no. 1145 September 15, 1968
B-5859 B-5859S side view Nixie tube
0.51" digit height

Burroughs bulletin no. 1138 July 15, 1968
SK-207 socket for B-5750S, B-5850S Nixie tubes

Burroughs bulletin no. 1034A September 1, 1963
numerical indicator
B-9012 Pixie position indicator tube

2 pages

Burroughs bulletin no. 1037 July 1, 1963
B-5971 alpha-numeric Nixie tube
13 cathodes, 0.7" high

4 pages
It includes a transistorized "memory circuit"
where the display needs no refreshing.

Burroughs bulletin no. 1017A

2 pages
data sheet for B-5991 ultra long life rectangular nixie tube

1963 prices for Burroughs nixie, pixie displays

Vishay Dale dual linear bar graph plasma panel displays
Document number 37027
revision 08-Nov-00

26 pages
including US patent 4,078,252:
A ramp generator for driving a bar graph display
which utilizes a feedback circuit to set its maximum level of the ramp.

and Dale plasma panel displays
bar graph products designer's guide

APD-222G007 Vishay Dale Plasma Panel Display Modules
222 x 7 Graphics Display with Drive Electronics
Up to 37 Characters in Text Mode
Replacement for Burroughs SSD0132-0039
No pinout, just overview

APD-016M040 Vishay Dale Plasma Panel Display Modules
16 Character Display
with Drive Electronics and Controller
Enhanced replacement for Burroughs SSD1000-0061 (optionally-0041).
No pinout, just overview

Gas Discharge Displays
by G F Weston
from 1980 Physics in Technology 11 218

6 pages
George Frederick Weston is leader of the opto-electronic devices group
at Philips Research Laboratories, Redhill, Surrey.
His publications include
Cold Cathode Glow Discharge Tubes (1968 London: Iliffe)
and Glow Discharge Displays (1972 London: Mills and Boon).

Explains the inner details of Panaplex and self-scan neon displays,
a 512 x 512 graphics display, and phosphor color displays.

DI-230A DI-240A cathode/segment drivers for gas discharge display
Westbury NY 11590

2 pages
DI-230 80V max output
DI-240 125V max output

use with DI-510B anode/digit drivers

Intel 8255A/8255A-5 programmable peripheral interface

24 pages
Figure 20 shows interfacing to a Burroughs Self-Scan display

applications of the Intel 8255A/8255A-5 programmable peripheral interface
13 pages
Shows interfacing to a Burroughs Self-Scan display.
Also includes the Intel 8256 UART with on-board baud rate generator

Intel 82C55A CMOS programmable peripheral interface

21 pages
24 I/O pins in groups of 8, 8, 4, 4
Commonly used with Intel 8080, 8085, 8086, 8088
Shows interfacing to a Burroughs Self-Scan display

IEEE Transactions On Electron Devices
Vol. ED-24, No. 7, July 1977
Gas-Discharge Displays: The State the Art
Alan Sobel, senior member, IEEE

13 pages: Pages 835 - 847
Describes the physics of neon discharge,
and details of the self-scan display,
numeric and graphic displays.

A microprocessor-based preaccelerator control system
R.W. Goodwin, R.F. Kocanda, M.F. Shea
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

5 pages
A self-scan display is part of the M6800 system, see Footnote 1.