The Burroughs Self-Scan Panaplex display

I salvaged one from some communications controller

The Burroughs display is one line: 222 columns by 7 rows.
The unit contains the glass display, bezel, controller card.
Only ONE PC board in it with an empty socket (no character generator)
the board's browned/discolored from all the resistors
Burroughs Self Scan SSD0132-0039
part no. 2557 9640 REV

controller PCB label:
ASSY 045  2557 9699 REV C

The raw display has 11 pins on right and left ends.
The controller has 24 contacts, only 13 are wired.

These MIGHT be new, unused.
2 controller cards
The safety clips are still on the PC board.
Burroughs Corporation
Model C4028 Ser No 0201, 0270
The foam behind the glass seems to be coming out.

Would You Like To Know More?

How about 'dem clever Aussies?

Greg Swain did THE BEST ARTICLE EVER on the operation of Self-Scan discharge panels
in the October 1974 issue of Electronics Australia:
Citing wikipedia
The EDUC-8, pronounced "educate",
was an early microcomputer kit published by Electronics Australia
in a series of articles starting in August 1974 and continuing to August 1975.
Electronics Australia initially believed that it was the first such kit,
but later discovered that Radio-Electronics had just beaten it with their Mark-8 by one month. has all 78 pages of Jamieson Rowe's Educ-8 article here

spec sheets

The Burroughs Specifying guide: lists self scan and Nixies, mirrored from cathodecorner

Inner construction of a self scan panel display

The Russian/Soviet version is the IGV1-16: 111 columns by 7 rows

Other Resources has wonderful pix of the Burroughs SelfScan bare glass
and a copy of the patent

Paul Backhouse has 2 running