Jeff Jonas'
UNIGROUP presentations

Followups to previous Unigroup presentations:

Thursday 19-July-2012

quick Hope #9 report

Thursday 15-September-2011

upcoming events & a little Unix history

Thursday 18-Nov-2010

On Thursday 18-Nov-2010, Rob Weiner and I (Jeffrey Jonas) led a lively discussion of Unix/Linux Command Line Tips & Tricks.
MANY THANKS to the enthusiastic participation of our knowledgeable audience, particulalry

evil USB cards
Here's a new security risk: USB cards that totally bypass any security measures such as virus scans or disabling auto-play.

See also: Plug and Prey: Malicious USB Devices Presented at Shmoocon 2011 by Adrian Crenshaw

Click here for my notes about shell programming (Stupid Unix Tricks)
and rants about things such as hard vs. symbolic links.
In particular, my bashrc has many clever functions for usual and unusual circumstances.

Here are some of my shell and Perl scripts.
I'm somewhat embarassed by never re-writing them to production code, but they work and help me every day.