Jeff Jonas
NJIT research papers and presentations

NJIT research papers and presentations
in fulfillment of the Master of Science degree
in Computer Engineering (MS CoE)
My NJIT graduate transcript (3.9 GPA!)
Thesis: A Wireless Method For Monitoring Medication Compliance
condensed version in IEEE publication format (word format)

Full version: PowerPoint presentation
and the theme song (Please Take Your Medicine) Dear World
(singer: Billy Van, music & lyrics by Jerry Herman).
Introduction to Smart Cards (html)
Introduction to WiFi (html)
Introduction to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and DRM (Digital Rights Management) (html)
Balancing Privacy and Trust With A Smart Card Based National Identity Card (html) (word format)
for CIS 786 (Pervasive Computing) June 2003
Dr. Quentin Jones
Authentication Of People (html) (word format)
Public Key Algorithms (html) (word format)
for ECE 699 (Information Assurance)
Dr. Constantine N. Manikopoulos
Next Generation Secure Multimodal Wireless Communicator (html) (word format)
for ECE 684 (Advanced Microprocessor Systems) December 2004
Professor Robert Lopes
The Electric Ferret: A Wearable Computer For Costuming (html) (color cover) (word format)
for ECE 690 (Computer Systems Architecture)
Dr. Sotirios G. Ziavras
A Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Data Flow Coprocessor (html) (word format)
for ECE 692 (Embedded Computing Systems) Dr. Jie Hu